about-purple-frontMeticulous, independent social and public health research

Curly Questions is an independent research firm specialising in social and public health research. We take pride in producing high-calibre research and considered, evidence-based advice. Our work is designed to withstand scrutiny and is frequently published in peer-reviewed journals.

Tailored qualitative and quantitative research

We provide tailored research methodologies designed to meet the specific needs of a given project, rather than off-the-shelf products. Furthermore, our consultants are QPR accredited, each with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research. This means that we design the most appropriate methodology to meet the particular objectives of a given project, as opposed to recommending what we happen to be good at. Our versatility as researchers also means that we can work across different phases of a project, bringing knowledge from the early phases to bear upon subsequent stages.

Positive ethical stance

The reason why we specialise in social and public health research (apart from the fact that we are good at it) is that we want to make a positive difference to the community. We therefore take a positive ethical stance on the choice of work we undertake, only selecting those projects and clients that genuinely contribute to society. Naturally, this means that we refuse to undertake work on behalf of tobacco companies, alcohol manufacturers and marketers, on gambling products, or research that is at odds with promoting physical activity and healthy eating. This gives clients confidence that Curly Questions will not accept projects or clients that represent a conflict of interest.